On this special edition of the show, co-founder and podcast co-host, Brandon Smith, tackles challenges to questions received from listeners and fellow executives. What are the greatest leadership challenges you’re facing as we make our way to the end of 2023? Listen in for insights from the Leadership Foundry Team!

2:00 “As an executive, I don’t want to damage my credibility. What should I avoid?” Brandon answers by sharing three subtle actions executives may not realize they are doing that cut into their credibility.

4:20 Brandon shares why you should never take a Zoom meeting from the car.

5:20 As a leader, if you’ve already committed the “terrible three” credibility-damaging actions, can you repair your brand? Brandon says, “yes”… but it will take time.

7:10 “I’m a new leader. How can I build trust quickly?” Brandon refreshes our memory on the trust formula.

10:10 “Lean early on authenticity. You don’t want to be too vulnerable too soon.”

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